SysBrilliance: Your Strategic Partner in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Stay agile and connected with scalable, cloud-based solutions

Power Your Growth with Innovative Business Software Solutions

SysBrilliance helps you to grow, scale, and manage your business with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our team of certified professionals delivers tailor-made software solutions that are designed to maximize your operational efficiency.

Guiding you through the entire process, we help you identify points of friction and create bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing business infrastructure. As a result, you get the tools that your business needs to remain nimble, competitive, and connected.

Transform, Enhance, and Optimize Your Enterprise

At SysBrilliance, we specialize in empowering your organization’s digital transformation. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services help businesses overcome common challenges and accelerate their growth. Whether you need to upgrade your existing system or develop a customapplication, our strategic solutions are the trusted way to discover peak operational performance.

Optimize Inventory Management

Stay ahead of the curve with a supply chain solution designed to optimize inventory management. Our Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions enable you to accurately monitor stock levels, plan for contingencies, and save time and money by avoiding overstocking or shortages.

Power Faster Process Execution

Speed is today’s currency. With SysBrilliance’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, watch as your business processes accelerate to minimize turnaround times and maximize efficiency across all operations.

Obtain Greater Operational Visibility

In any fast-paced industry, having a clear, real-time overview is not just beneficial – it’s vital. Our Microsoft ERP software solutions give you this clarity, ensuring every decision is informed, every risk is calculated, and every opportunity is highlighted.

Accurate Demand Planning & Forecasting

The future belongs to those who anticipate it. With SysBrilliance and Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can forecast market demands with a level of accuracy that drives profitability. Using data-driven Dynamics solutions, navigate market fluctuations and shape your inventory, sales, and marketing strategies with confidence.

Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you make data-driven decisions throughout your end-to-end operations. Our solutions provide the tools and insights you need to monitor your business performance in real-time, allowing you to react quickly to industry changes.

Streamline Cash & Cheque Collections

Financial fluidity forms the backbone of a thriving enterprise. SysBrilliance’s expertise in Microsoft Dynamics ERP software ensures that your cash and cheque collection processes are smooth, error-free, and aligned with modern financial management best practices.

Industries We Serve

SysBrilliance collaborates with organizations across a broad range of industries. We deliver tailored MS Dynamics 365 solutions that address unique sector challenges and have accumulates tons of experience in the following spaces:

Professional Services

Our MS Dynamics ERP solutions facilitate forecasting and reporting to ensure that professional services projects are completed on time and within budget. This helps to maintain a healthy cash flow for sustainable growth.

Wholesale & Distribution

We help wholesale and distribution companies coordinate their supply chains, monitor inventory levels, and track customer orders. The results? Lower costs and higher customer satisfaction in the long term.

Comprehensive Services for Maximum Efficiency

We allow your business to solve complex operational problems. From implementation, customization, integration, training, and ongoing support, we’re here to guide your transformation towards more efficient business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

Help you to integrate and deploy a range of enterprise solutions across your business. From financials, customer management, inventory

Microsoft Power BI Data Analytics

Our team works with you to build tailored KPIs, data visualizations, and analytics, giving your business more insights into your data.

Virtual Agent Development

Power Virtual Agents allow businesses to create virtual agents and chatbots for their customers. Our experienced team will help you develop no-code chatbots with custom dialogs, FAQs, integrations, and natural language processing (NLP).

Dynamics 365 App Development

We know how to developing custom applications and add-ons that give your business
a competitive edge in the market.

Process Automation with Power Automate

Our team works with you to identify areas of inefficiency and create automated workflows that improve efficiency, save time, and reduce costs.

What our clients say about us

Leadership Team at SysBrilliance

Hichem Chekebkeb, co-founder and Technical Solution Architect at SysBrilliance, brings over a decade of IT project leadership experience. With four Microsoft certifications and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics, he has excelled as a Dynamics AX Developer and Data Analyst at leading organizations. A sought-after speaker at Microsoft events, Hichem shares his insights widely.

Abhiram Ramakrishnan, co-founder and Dynamics 365 Subject Matter Expert (SME) at SysBrilliance, brings over 21 years of Gulf region business experience. With a record of 250+ successful projects, he excels in large-scale implementations and strategic guidance. As a recognized speaker at Microsoft events, Abhiram is esteemed as a thought leader in Dynamics 365. Holding eight Microsoft certifications, he is committed to delivering tailored solutions for every client.