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Innovating Operations: Fawaz Revolutionizes Demand Planning and Collections with Dynamics 365

Discover how Fawaz transformed its operations with Dynamics 365, overcoming challenges in demand planning and collections processes. Through collaboration and innovation, Fawaz implemented a demand planner module to streamline material ordering and a mobile app for collection agents to simplify payment collection. These solutions not only improved efficiency but also enhanced control over stock and reduced errors, ultimately leading to better project fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Optimizing Inventory Management: A2C’s Dynamics 365 Transformation

Explore how A2C overcame the challenges of cumbersome spreadsheets and gained full control over their inventory with Dynamics 365. Discover how SysBrilliance collaborated with A2C to implement a tailored solution, enhancing inventory tracking, streamlining operations, and empowering sales teams for greater customer focus and efficiency.