Fawaz case study

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Company intro

FAWAZ Trading & Engineering Services Co. LLC is a multinational business entity founded in 1973 in Kuwait. It started as an electro-mechanical contracting business and expanded its services to become a leader in Facility Management, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Fire-Fighting, Fire Alarm and Security, Ventilation, and Pumps. FAWAZ operates in all GCC countries including Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Oman, and provides diversified and reliable products and services to various sectors. The group employs 500 to 999 highly skilled multinational employees to meet clients’ requirements and achieve full satisfaction. FAWAZ continually improves and updates its services with the latest technologies on the market.

Fawaz streamlines demand planning and innovates in its collections process with Dynamics 365


Fawaz has implemented Dynamics 365 Finance and operations. The company has expressed a challenge in demand planning they had no triggers when to order for material and that led to a frequent shortage of fast-moving items.


A great collaboration with the finance and procurement team helped us come up with a light-weight demand planner module in Dynamics 365 finance and operations that calculates the recommended quantities by reading the sales figures and stock available. The module helps them generate purchase requests within couple of clicks. The procurement manager, Hesham Attieh says: “Demand planner has helped us gain great control over our stock and streamline our purchases. We could reduce a lot of shortage in our stocks and were able to fulfill most of our projects on time.”

SysBrilliance, FAWAZ Trading & Engineering Services, and Dynamics 365, Power Platform


The collections team suffered the burden of the paperwork that had to be done for customer payment collection, the approach was prone to mistakes, manual entry, lack of control.


Another great achievement with the help of the finance team, we could engineer a mobile app to be the companion of collection agent at customer site. He can enter the payment information, mark the due invoices (fully or partially), save pictures of the necessary documents and this data will automatically find its way in Dynamics 365 for verification and get posted as final step.

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